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Despo Pishiri

Author of From Darkness To Light

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Release Date: 16th August

From Darkness To Light (2021)

During a client hypnosis session, author Despo Pishiri unintentionally managed to communicate with her Higher Self. The client was in a deep state of hypnosis, and Despo's Higher Self used this opportunity to talk to her through her client. The Higher Self provided valuable information about Despo's past lives which triggered her curiosity to understand the mechanism involved in the process of spiritual development. 

This initial channeling encouraged her to find her true self, and it become the catalyst for writing this, her first book, From Darkness To Light. With a blend of personal and professional testimony, she reinforces the message of love, compassion and tolerance inherent in the three religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity against the backdrop of knowing who you are. She stresses the similarities between the three religions and reinforces the ideas of their teachings. 

Useful and enlightening, From Darkness to Light shares Despo's discoveries as well as offers principles about self and healing your body, mind and spirit. 


Purchase your copy in paper and kindle versions from:

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About Despo Pishiri

Despo Pishiri was born and grew up on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Since 1990, she has lived and worked in the Middle East and Hong Kong. In 2015, Despo left her Human Resources role to focus on her interest in clinical hypnotherapy, with the goal of healing herself and her loved ones. She and her husband have two children. 

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